Septic Tank Inspection Cost: What to Expect & What’s Involved

Septic tank inspection cost will vary based on the services provided at the time, including what components are checked as well as if and how the system is tested. If you need to know an exact septic tank inspection cost for your system for a specific purpose, please be sure to contact Atlanta Septic Tank Pros for an estimate from our trusted partners. Our experienced partner technicians perform all sorts of checks, including basic maintenance examinations and those used in real estate transactions. With that said, the information contained on this page can serve as a guide, to give you a general idea of what to expect.

Septic Tank Inspection Cost: Visual Only

Occasionally, a person simply wants to know if their system appears to be functioning properly. A visual check can be performed, but because the parts are all buried underground, the inspector can only verify how water moves through the system.

A visual checkup typically runs $100-200 and includes:

  • A dye test, in which colored water is pushed through the system to check for leaks and pressure
  • A visual inspection of above-ground components

Septic Tank Inspection Cost: Basic Checkups

Basic checkups are often done between pumping visits. They give the homeowner information on whether the system needs to be pumped and if the components appear to be in working order to the naked eye. Because pumping is generally only done every 3-5 years, an annual checkup may be performed just to verify the system doesn’t need maintenance.

A basic checkup typically runs $200-300 and includes:

  • Locating the system
  • Excavation to open the ports if the system does not have risers
  • Measurements of the sludge and scum layers
  • A visual inspection
  • Simple tests to the system, such as flushing toilets and running water

Septic Tank Inspection Cost: Full Checkups

Full system checkups car generally done as part of a real estate transaction or if the inspector cannot see important components inside the reservoir during a basic checkup.

A full checkup typically runs $300-600 and includes:

  • Locating the system
  • Excavation
  • Measurements to help determine if you’re on the right pumping schedule
  • Pumping
  • A visual inspection
  • Simple tests

Contact Atlanta Septic Tank Pros to Get Your Septic Tank Inspection Cost Estimate

As you can see, there are a lot of ways a technician can check a system. If you’re considering purchasing a new home, you’ll probably want the full check done, so you don’t wind up with any surprise repair expenses after the transaction is complete. If an inspection is required by a lender, that company will often accept the simple visual check, provided it includes a dye test. Your rates might be slightly higher or lower than those listed here, simply because there is a wide variance in systems, as well as the types of tests involved, and the intricacy of the components that need to be checked. For more information on the types of examination services or to schedule an appointment, call (404) 998-8812 today.

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