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There are a lot of different types of septic systems available, for both residential and commercial use. For the most part, this site talks about the commonly used ones because different laws throughout Georgia heavily restrict many of the alternative designs. However, there are pockets of the state that allow alternative designs and, soil-quality/ Mother Nature permitting, you may already have one of the alternative designs or they may be an option if you’re considering an install. At Atlanta Septic Tank Pros, our septic partners handle the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of all septic system types, including the common (and not so common) styles outlined here.

Traditional Types of Septic Systems

Most of those found throughout Georgia use traditional designs, in which all the wastewater from a building exits at a central line and enters a tank. In the tank, the materials separate and only the water or “effluent” is able to exit. It then heads into an absorption system or leach field where it flows into the earth and is further purified by the soil’s natural bacteria.

Gravity: Most of the older units rely on gravity to pull the water through the unit.

Pressure: Some newer models include a pump, so that the install is easier and it operates more efficiently.

Alternative Septic System Types

Depending on the laws, the septic system types detailed below may be an option or may already be installed.

Aerobic: Most units have an environment that is deprived of oxygen. Aerobic units use oxygen to help break down organic matter faster, but they also require more care.

Disinfection: There is a myriad of units that use a secondary process to kill any pathogens in the effluent. Units that add chlorine are probably the most common, but some use ozone or ultraviolet light as well.

Drip Irrigation: These units are exactly as described. The effluent drips out, making it easier for the soil to absorb it.

Evapotranspiration: You will probably never see an evapotranspiration unit anywhere in Georgia, but they do exist in the US, particularly in the arid southwest. These allow the effluent to evaporate, rather than be discharged into the soil. Some of them also have a switch, allowing the owner to alternate between an absorption field, depending on the season.

Mound: Sometimes the soil doesn’t cooperate with a traditional or drip system. By draining the effluent into a manmade earthen mound, the effluent can be easily filtered and will be adequately clean by the time it reaches the water table.

Sand: There are two types of sand filtration included in units; intermittent and recirculating. With intermittent, the effluent passes through a layer of sand when it is discharged. In a recirculating setup, the effluent passes through sand and is cycled through again before discharge.

Call Atlanta Septic Tank Pros for All Types of Septic Systems

Our septic partners handle all septic system types, from basic traditional units to the most intricate alternative units. Whether you’re looking to install, maintain, or service your unit, our partner technicians bring knowledge and expertise to the table, so your unit continues to run in top form and can serve your family or business for decades. Call us at (404) 998-8812 to schedule an appointment today.

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