3 Tests Quality Woodstock GA Septic System Installers Do Before Designing

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Quality Woodstock GA septic system installers do a number of examination, long before a unit gets placed into the ground. A new unit will last many years, and possibly even generations, if it’s set up the right way, but it can fail right away if it’s not. On top of that, all Woodstock GA septic system installers must acquire a permit for them to carry out the install, and may ought to collaborate with city or county officials to show that certain tests were done in order to continue. These three evaluations are vital first steps that should always be taken before any work or designs are done, and it may also be beneficial to do them before you buy a property, so you could be assured that a tank and leach field will be permitted.

1. Pit

The pit test is fairly direct. During this test, a hole is excavated and the soil is analyzed to establish its structure. A typical leach field is dependent on the soil’s composition to drain successfully. If there is a considerable amount of gravel or sand, your leach field should be able to discharge the effluent (water) from the tank well, where the soil will finish sanitizing it. If the soil has a bunch of clay or rock, it won’t sink well, and so a traditional leach field will not be an option. If the site you’ve chosen does not successfully pass the pit test, you may be able to pick another site on your house or use an alternate kind of drain field, such as a mound system.

2. Perc

The perc, or percolation test, requires digging a 14-inch deep hole, adding a 2-inch layer of sand or gravel, and then filling it with water. The hole is generally left saturated for about two hours, and topped off as needed. Then, the hole is filled with 6 inches of water and monitored for drainage.

3. Visual

There are numerous things an inspector will look into visually. Most units are gravity-fed, so they don’t depend on electricity or pumps to shift effluent from the tank to the leach field. Because of this, the slope of the ground is crucial. An inspector will also search for slopes that could feed excess water into the leach field, as well as nearby bodies of water, the water table, and distance from the proposed unit to things like the home and wells.

Hire Quality Woodstock GA Septic System Installers Today

Choosing the right layout, style of system, and assessing the land properly, are all fundamental procedures in making sure an install goes off without a hitch. Most importantly, these steps ensure that the install is done correctly, so that a system provides years of use without issue. If you’re preparing for an install, call Atlanta Septic Tank Pros. Our technicians are skilled and devoted to quality, so you could be sure the job is done right. Call (404) 998-8812 now.

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